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We promote and deliver better energy solutions for Africa

We are an indigenous Ghanaian Midstream Logistics Company, that develops alternative, reliable, sustainable and cost-effective fuel and energy solutions.

Alternative Fuel

Affordable Solutions

Sustainable Energy

Our fuel and energy solutions contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. 

We build solutions that utilize the best technologies to provide alternative, affordable and sustainable fuel to business for power generation and heating purposes.

Ghana Operations

In partnership with Ghana National Gas Company Limited MIDLOGI has developed a technological solution to stabilize underutilized natural gases and use them as  alternative, reliable, sustainable and cost-effective medium for energy solutions.

It is our firm commitment to provide reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective fuel to companies in Ghana and Africa.

– CEO Midstream Logistics

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Help our customers as a top alternative, reliable, sustainable and cost-effective fuel and energy solutions provider in Africa


We leverage the best global technologies that meet local needs, and develop local capacities to grow all together


We are committed to a responsible operation, with a non-negotiable safety, health, and environmental care agenda

Carbon less

We believe it´s possible to  meet carbon emission reduction by virtue of reducing CO2 emissions in every endevor